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Pizza Making Class

90 mins
8-95 ppl
Kit included
About the event

The frustration you've felt when the dough snaps back as you stretch it, the pain of making amoeba-shaped pizzas, and the anguish of having your pizza get stuck as you try to launch it onto a pizza stone are a thing of the past because we’re here to help!

In this class, you'll learn how to make 'za in any kitchen — with whatever kitchen gear you have on hand — from seasoned pizzaiolos. This event is family friendly and a great team building experience!

Event includes kit delivery
To account for shipping, you will need to provide a list of participants and shipping addresses 16 days in advance.
  • Restrictions for the United States:

    We do not ship to Alaska and Hawaii. We do not ship to PO boxes.

  • Restrictions for outside the United States:

    We only ship to Canada with no additional cost.

More event options
With Cakecup Duo
With Wine
With Pizza Stone Set
What you’ll be shipped
  • Dough, sauce, cheese and toppings for two 12-inch pizzas
  • An apron
  • A pizza slicer
How to prepare

Please see a helpful pre-class video from Scott about your kit and handling the ingredients -

Notices along with the kit include, a sticker on the outside of the kit on the box, alerting the guest to open the box immediately as they are PERISHABLE goods.

There is a sticker on the box that states:

"You just got your kit! If your class is tomorrow or in 2 Days, take containers out of the box and put immediately in the FRIDGE.

If your class is not for 3 days or more, PUT DOUGH in FREEZER and the rest of the ingredients in the FRIDGE.

THEN - as card states from box, “24 hours before pizza time...make sure your dough is in the fridge, not the freezer. Then - 1 hour before pizza time...take dough out of the fridge, but keep it covered. Then - 30 minute before pizza time...take cheese, sauce, toppings out of the fridge, if using a pizza stone, start preheating at 500F.”

Join Online

Join your host live on Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom.

Cancellation Policy
Free cancelation, rescheduling, and guest count changes up to 16 days before the event.

Hosted by Scott's Pizza Tours

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