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Escape The Zoom

60 mins
5-600 ppl
About the event

Are you ready for a challenge? Escape the Zoom is everything you love about escape rooms without the claustrophobia. This classic group event has been reimagined for the virtual world!

Team up with colleagues, family or friends to complete a mission. It’s your job to rescue your client (your wonderful host) from the locked room that has them trapped. In this fully customizable game, your team will need to call mysterious phone numbers, scour the internet, problem-solve, and think outside the box to win.

Hosted by Patchwork Adventures, this escape room game is great for teams or groups of people who are in need of an icebreaker, thrilling activity with a side of team-building and teamwork.

How to prepare

Your group is going to be playing a virtual escape room. Just log into the video chat link at the time of your game and our facilitators will take care of the rest. You might want to have some scratch paper and a writing utensil nearby for puzzle solving. Even if you’re in the same conference room, every participant should join on their own device. One puzzle will require you to use two devices, so have a phone or tablet handy.

This game is designed for teams of between 5 and 10 participants. Larger groups will be broken into smaller teams via breakout rooms and will compete for the fastest time to escape. Each breakout room will have one live actor/host for the team to rescue.

Join Online

Join your host live on Webex, Zoom, or Google Meet.

Cancellation Policy
Free cancelation, rescheduling, and guest count changes up to 9 days before the event.

Hosted by Patchwork Adventures
With Sweet Confections

Event Stats

Average rating
People who have enjoyed this event
I loved the way the teams were structured and how the puzzles were structured. It definitely helped bring the different skills out of each of our team members. It is just not one kind of puzzle.. it used both sides of the brain and made sure that the team was working as a team and not as bunch of lone wolf's. Thank you!!
Harsha N. avatar
Harsha N.
The whole setup was really cool and fun. The puzzles and mind games were actually very difficult so it made us lean on each other even more. Great job!
Chris G. avatar
Chris G.
Really enjoyed Escape the Zoom! I got to problem solve and have some fun with Clover colleagues I'd never met, which is especially nice in the age of Covid. Thanks so much for putting this together!
Lynda O. avatar
Lynda O.



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